Meet Jessica
Jessica Brown, an Experienced Spiritual Life Coach, Founder of Heartfelt Freedom, and A Spiritual Life Coach For Women, Certified in A.U.R.A. (Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy) and
Certified in R.A.A.H. (Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing).

She specializes in helping Intuitive and Empathic Women Heal Their Soul, Re-Claim their Life, and become the Highest and Best Version of themselves with the aid of Crystals. 

She has healed her own addiction to love, broke the cycle of toxic relationships, and soul-aligned with her step-by-step method and her clients have done it too.

She Knows How Tough it Can Be and is Here to Support You In Re-Claiming Your Life and Taking Back Your Power.

When you work with Jessica, you will: 

❤ Heal from your past and connect to your true Soul Essence
❤ Discover your Life PURPOSE & Find out WHY you are here on this Planet.
❤ Learn how to align with your intuitive Goddess and your highest self.
❤ Find out what is missing in your life and learn How to MANIFEST your desires with ease, grace, & flow.

"It’s a beautiful world out there when you don’t have to worry about pleasing everyone, playing small, or doubting yourself, so make sure you don’t have to worry about whether or not people like you, if are good enough, or are living at your highest level ever again."
How Jessica got here:
Jessica is a single mom to a beautiful daughter. In 2011 she filed for divorce, left a marriage that was unhealthy, holding her back, and no longer serving her. She was a stay-at-home mom at the time and had no idea how she was going to financially support her daughter or get past this overwhelming sense of sadness, shame, guilt, & hopelessness.
With no job, no money, a broken heart, no idea where she was going to live, crippled with fear and anxiety, she embarked on her journey as a single mom. The first year was the hardest year of her life. She struggled to pay her bills, find a job, was emotionally unavailable to her 3-year old daughter, she blocked all love, & felt all alone.
One morning she walked out to her car to find a slashed tire. She reached for her phone to dial for help. It was disconnected due to nonpayment. At that time she was negative in her account and was using W.I.C to pay for food. She looked down at her daughter and broke down. Her eyes filled up with tears. She sat on the curb, put her hands over her face and cried her eyes out. She couldn't believe this was actually her life.
She contemplated going back to her marriage. She had thoughts of how much easier it would be to go back to being unhappily married than suffering and struggling this way. She had failed herself and her daughter. What the hell was she going to do? 
That was one of her lowest points, but also a huge turning point. She was done feeling sorry for herself, she was done being bitter, angry, resentful, and sad. She had to figure out how to show her daughter resilience and perseverance. 
She got her real estate license and busted her ass to learn everything she could about the industry. She became a Successful Top-Producing Realtor and Team Leader.
However, she still felt lonely and unhappy. She did not understand why...she thought that being successful, making good money, She thought...So "Why am I still feeling unfulfilled?"
She discovered that she lived most of her life feeling powerless and fearful. She could appear confident on the outside but totally lacking it deep down on the inside. No matter how much she achieved in life she was envious of her family and friends who seemed to be living larger & happier than she ever could. She felt all ALONE and felt like no one understood her, including her friends & family. She was secretly suffering internally and it felt awful.
It turned out she was suffering from love addiction and had deep wounds that she was avoiding. She overcompensated for her unworthiness and showed up strong in her career to prove her Worth & Value. She wanted to be Heard, Seen, & Recognized. Her success was a “temporary” fix. She needed a Permanent Transformation. She needed to Heal from Love Addiction & gain Authentic Confidence to Experience True Happiness & Wholeness.
And she most definitely had to heal if she was ever going to align with her higher self, her life purpose, and live her Dreams.
Those old feelings of Unworthiness and Powerlessness eventually became her gift in working with women like you and teaching them how to overcome love addiction and become the highest version of themselves. She spends tens of thousands of dollars in mentors & coaches. She commits to the programs before she even knows how to pay for it. She still gets scared and self-doubt creeps in. But she has learned to trust herself, believe in herself, & invest whatever it takes to get the results she is looking for.
When you take the leap of faith, believe in yourself, and invest in a mentor, you transform your life. You get to stop chasing and you get to finally Receive.
Jessica gained the Courage & Confidence to take a risk, open her heart, go all in, and build a business to leave a Legacy to her daughter & create the Freedom she always dreamt of…
And that is PRICELESS!!
If you are Ready Now to reclaim your life and take your power back, Jessica is ready to show you how. You can start immediately truly healing and becoming an irresistible attractor.
She has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, is a certified quantum healing hypnotherapist and certified Reiki healer. She attended Ascension Leadership Academy, where she learned how to thrive in every area of her life, and learned how to sustain a level of passion, integrity and excellence as an independent and self-sufficient leader and coach. 
How to work with Jessica:
Her personal mission is to be a SOURCE of Love that Transforms Lives. She is devoted to helping raise the consciousness of our Universe & aid in a massive global spiritual awakening. Her superpower is her intuition & connection to source light energy. She has the gift of healing. She can help you on a deep soul level. If you are ready now to awaken to your truest most bright self, Book a free 45-minute call with her personally or book your Hypnosis or Crystal Reiki healing below. 👇👇👇


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