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Born in Sacramento, California, Jessica Brown is an experienced spiritual teacher and the founder of Heartfelt Freedom.

Following her spiritual awakening journey, she found her lost power, healed her soul, and, eventually, ascended to a higher state of being. Since then, Jessica, who is also a certified Past Life Regression Practitioner and a REIKI healer, has dedicated her time and energy to helping other people unlock themselves and reach higher levels of consciousness & spirituality.

Through her ascension methods and other practices, including soul memory activations and connection with the Angelic Realm, Jessica introduces sacred teachings to help her clients raise their Energetic Vibration and lead them towards a spiritual transformation.

Working with people internationally, she assists individuals in dealing with their soul traumas while expanding their consciousness levels and discovering their true purpose.
How Jessica got here:
Jessica is a single mom to a beautiful daughter. In 2011 she filed for divorce, left a marriage that was toxic. She was a stay-at-home mom at the time and had no idea how she was going to financially support her daughter or get past this overwhelming sense of shame and guilt.
With no job, no money, a broken heart, and crippled with fear, she embarked on her journey as a single mom. The first year was the hardest year of her life. She struggled to pay her bills, find a job, and was emotionally unavailable to her 3-year old daughter.
One morning she walked out to her car to find a slashed tire. She reached for her phone to dial for help. It was disconnected due to nonpayment. At that time she was negative in her account and was using W.I.C to pay for food. She looked down at her daughter and broke down. Her eyes filled up with tears. She sat on the curb, put her hands over her face and cried her eyes out. She couldn't believe this was actually her life.
She contemplated going back to her marriage. She had thoughts of how much easier it would be to go back to being unhappily married than suffering and struggling this way. She had failed herself and her daughter. What the heck was she going to do? 
She decided to get her real estate license and worked hard to learn everything she could about the industry. She became a successful top-producing realtor and team Leader.
However, she still felt sad and unfulfilled and didn't understand why.
She discovered that she lived most of her life feeling powerless and fearful. She could appear confident on the outside but totally lacking it deep down on the inside. No matter how much she achieved in life, she never felt good enough. She was secretly suffering internally and was emotionally exhausted.
It turned out she had a severe lack of self-love and a mountain full of unhealed traumas. She was drowning in overwhelm and frustration; feeling stuck.

After another breakup from a toxic relationship, Jessica reached a huge turning point and made the choice to end her suffering and transform her life.

With divine intervention and many years of healing and dedication to live an abundant and fulfilled life, Jessica found her true self and remembered who she was and why she was here.

Her entire life began to change. She made the choice to embrace the journey instead of run the other way. She walked confidently through open doors. In time, her path became crystal clear. She went all in with trusting her inner voice and knowing she was supported strongly by the Angelic Realm and the Universe.

 Jessica made the tough decision to give up her secure real estate career to commit herself to her soul mission and service to humanity. She entered the world of the unknown and held strong in the belief that the Universe would provide for her.

This choice became a magical gift for Jessica and created many pathways. She discovered peace within and reflected on her remarkable journey.

With the support of the Angelic Realm, her soul family, and Higher Self, Jessica was catapulted into a spiritual awakening and into a higher state of consciousness. 

For the first time in her life, she felt aligned, whole, and complete.

The world became a magnificent playground of unlimited possibilities.

Jessica is now filled with gratitude and appreciation. She has dedicated her life on Earth to support humanity with reaching higher levels of spirituality and awareness.

Jessica is here to support you and help you gain the tools you need to navigate your life journey during this challenging time. She will help you spiritually transform, connect with your Angels and Guides, and unlock your true purpose.


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