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Crystal Love Healing Academy

Exclusively For The Awakening Woman
8 Week Deep Soul Emergence Journey to Fast-Track Your Healing With Crystals, Unleash Your True Self, & Activate Your FEMININE POWER to Re-Claim Your Life!
To The Awakening Woman Who Knows She's Ready To Manifest Her Dreams & Become The Best Version Of Herself:
... and amplify her power with crystals
You want more happiness, peace, & clarity?

You want to allow more ease, flow, & grace in your life as you step deeper within your soul.

You are ready to break free from your fears & limiting beliefs that you know are continuing to get in your way of your dreams and full power of attracting the relationship, career, or true happiness you desire?

You are ready to show up FULLY in your life.

You are ready to align with your authentic self.

You are ready to release the negative energy, energy vampires, and negative thoughts holding you back.

You want to get out of the hustle, stress, & anxiety to become a receiver of your desires.

You are ready to feel fully worthy of creating a life of your dreams.

You are ready to connect to your inner feminine Goddess to accelerate your manifesting (yes, this is possible)

You are ready to re-claim your life and take back your power.

You are ready to learn the power of crystals, energy, & soul-alignment to tap into the magic of abundance in every area of your life.

This is the Power of Soul-Alignment. This is the Power of Attuning Your Energetic Frequency to Your Higher Self!

This is where you become crystal clear on your soul's purpose and take action in walking your path.

Where you operate from a place of purity, clarity, & love...As you embody your Higher Self you realize how powerful you are and how you co-create reality through your thoughts and emotions.

Where you are able to access and embody a state of unconditional longer feeling the need to extract love from other people, instead you see yourself as an infinite source of love and light.

Where whatever you focus on manifests at a much faster pace than ever before.

Where your higher frequency attracts you to new people, experiences, and events that are in alignment with your Higher Self.

When you have released the shame and guilt that has been implanted by society and religions, you instead choose to embrace the emotional states of joy and bliss. 

When you have become immune to guilt manipulating strategies.

When you have embodied a state of abundance that is being reflected into your physical reality and no longer seek validation or approval of your worth from others. 

When you become the source of your own happiness. 

Where you become the master of your own reality.

Where you cut the negative cords, clear the karma, and open your energetic channels to raise your vibration to FINALLY feeling fulfilled, happy, whole, & complete.

This is the New Paradigm of living your life as a Goddess...because you are a Divine Feminine Awakening to your True Power!

If you are reading this, you are a unique empathic soul and you know deep down that there is an easier way to navigate this journey on Earth.

You feel somewhat anxious or depressed in spite of being committed and a caring person who has worked on herself for years.

Find yourself drained and depleted...over-giving and over-doing, in spite of your best efforts to create a balanced life.

Feel excited when you break through old patterns in the moment, yet frustrated and confused when you fall back to your old patterns.

Feel pulled to express yourself...your gifts and talents in ways that will make a difference, but have no idea how to step into your fullest potential.

Long for deeper, more authentic connections with others in spite of many years of working to better your relationships.

Yearn for an intimate partner who matches your passion for life and is your equal - someone who shares your values and vision for life.

You are waking up to the inner-knowing that their really is something to the law of attraction and all this energy & crystal stuff.

If you’re having any of these experiences, the good news is that you’re not alone. Most awakening women are feeling this way too.

Eight years ago I decided to get a divorce from my narcissistic husband.

I was stuck in fear, trapped in feeling powerless, and overwhelmed with guilt & shame. 

I began my journey of discovering who I was and embarked on a journey of spiritual awakening.

I learned how to persevere, break family patterns and cycles, heal the fragmented parts of myself and I transformed into the woman that was always authentic self.

How did I do this?

I had to take responsibility for the life I created!

I spent years after my divorce blaming my ex-husband for my financial mess, my anxiety, fears, stress, feelings of not being good enough, doubting myself, etc.

I thought it was all his fault for my life falling apart.

I was wrong...I was not energetically aligned with my soul.

I was not loving and honoring myself.

I was starring in the role as the "victim".

It was my own self holding me back.

It was my desire to feel loved and seeking that love outside of myself that trapped me and kept me stuck.

It was the blocks I placed over my heart that made me feel numb and sad.

It was the constant fear of being rejected that held me back.

I was trying to find and connect to my own higher self.

My life had become a reflection of that tough lesson.

My ex-husband was a mirror for my unhealed wounds.

My shitty marriage was an opportunity to grow and align with the true essence of my being.

I used to be so scared to shine my light and unleash my power.

I used to be so scared to speak my truth.

I used to be so scared to open my heart to receive.

And then through spiritual awakening and divine intervention I realized this truth I am about to share.

The difference between the happy, fulfilled, powerfully confident woman who is attracting the relationships, the career, the life she loves is her energetic frequency & awakening of her authentic self.

I believe most of us women are taught to do things backwards in life and relationships. We dive first into the masculine way of being...pushing, forcing, & hustling to get what we want before doing the inner work to clear the energetic blocks and limiting beliefs to raise our frequency which allows our feminine power & intuition to lead.

So I got to work, but this time I wasn't working on my tinder profile, running around town being "busy" and sipping wine every weekend at the latest wine bar, or hustling & forcing success in my business.

I worked on my energy and spirituality. I invested in energy healers, spiritual mentors, hypnotherapists, traveled to Bali for a spiritual vacation, hired mindset coaches, meditated daily, attended seminars, conferences, transformational programs, and cultivated a beautiful and soul-aligned life & business.

When I did the inner work to activate my soul I:

  • Unleashed my feminine power to awaken my inner Goddess to create fulfillment
  • Learned how to trust my own intuition & inner knowing to guide my true path
  • Broke Free from the pattern of toxic relationships and opened my heart to be truly loved
  • ​Released the negative energy and blocks within my body to raise my vibration to feel happiness
  • ​Finally felt the surrender and flow of life that everyone is talking about
  • ​Manifested money, trips, & retreats by energetically aligning myself with my desires
  • Changed my career to my true life calling and living a passionate successful life
  • ​Learned the power of crystals to fast-track my healing

Energy is absolutely the key to Everything you want,

including a high quality LIFE & PARTNERSHIP!!

When you release what no longer serves you and clear up the energy blockages holding you back, you raise your frequency which results in powerful self-confidence, feminine power, & attracting your deepest desires.

You become the empowered, sexy, spiritually awakened feminine GODDESS you were born to be! You no longer chase love either. You are magnetically attracting love to you. You are living a happy & fulfilled life by being YOU!

...waking up feeling confident, clear, and energized about your life

...feeling fulfilled in your relationships

...feeling sexy, feminine, and empowered

...feeling connected to your soul, your calling, your purpose

...doors opening and opportunities showing up easily & effortlessly

...feeling deeply connected to your angels/spirit guides and God/Source to support your journey

...tapping into the magic of crystals to help you heal quicker

...feeling pleasure, sensual, and playful again

...feeling pure joy and a spark for life

...feeling loved, honored, and cherished by your intimate partner

...awakening to the knowledge, ancient mysteries, and secrets deep within your soul

...cracking open your gifts to offer the world

...aligning with the best version of yourself to create a life you love


TRUE Happiness = Soul Alignment + Feminine Power + Spiritual Awakening + Sisterhood

I am here to support women in spiritually awakening and becoming the best version of themselves. The Earth is ascending and our planet needs humanity to wake up and rise to their fullest most BADASS selves. Our planet needs our divine feminine energy to lead with LOVE & LIGHT.

I re-incarnated this life with a gift of intuitive healing to help guide and lead women who are ready to step into soul-alignment & remember who they are.

I will help you clear your energetic blocks, break you free from your limiting beliefs, and manifest your desires with massive aligned action.

I will teach you the healing powers and magic of crystals.

I will help you find the peace, happiness, and true love you have been waiting for.

I will help you ease your stress, anxiety, & pain.

I will help you feel re-charged, full of joy, and excited about your life.

I will teach you how to connect to the angelic realm to heal yourself.

I will teach you how to activate your feminine power to unleash your full potential.

I will teach you the secret to attracting a high quality partnership.

I will teach you the strategies to mastering your mindset to take back control of your life.

I will teach you the KEY to living an abundant life.

I will teach you how to end toxic relationships permanently.


An 8 Week Deep Soul Emergence Journey to Transform Your Life!

This is for you if...

  • You're ready to surrender to the greater will of life and stop relying on your own strength and personal agenda to get things done.
  • You're ready to manifest your desires with ease and tap into the flow of life to attract the life and love you want without the frustration.
  • You're ready to turn within and draw your strength from a place deep within your soul.
  • You're ready to take grounded action towards the direction of your soul's calling and activate your intuition to lead you.
  • You're ready to take back your power, vitality, and energy to experience true joy, happiness, and freedom.

In This Program You Will Learn:

  • Module 1: DISCOVERY - how to clear your energy and heal childhood, relationship or toxic relationship wounds, fears, limiting beliefs to create space for new energy and a higher energetic frequency. Clarity on your Vision, legacy, and goals to create a successful and intentional foundation.
  • Module 2: RAISING YOUR VIBRATION - how to increase your vitality, emotional & spiritual well-being, and match the energetic frequency of your desires to draw them into your physical reality. The secret to loving yourself to permanently shift your life.
  • Module 3: MINDSET - how to become a master of your mind, thoughts, and emotions to take back control of your life. Ground into the energy of your mind/body/soul to bring peace and harmony to your life. Reduce stress, anxiety, and depression to break-free from what's no longer serving you.
  • ​Module 4: ABUNDANCE & MANIFESTATION - The exact system to creating intentional shifts to manifest what you desire most in your life. The key to manifesting with ease to eliminate manifesting frustration. Gain the wisdom to amplify all the results in every area of your life...wealth, success, love, health!
  • ​Module 5: ARCHANGELS/SPIRIT GUIDES/SPIRITUAL CONNECTION - The step-by-step process to tap into the angelic realm to assist you with connecting yourself to the physical & spiritual world. Connect closely with your spiritual team, the archangels and their legions of light for healing, protection, & guidance (game-changer). Create life-changing rituals to open yourself up to receiving pure unconditional love.
  • ​Module 6: CRYSTALS - Open your heart and mind to the power of crystal healing to rock your world. Full guide on everything you need to know on how to use crystals in your home, work space, on your body, with meditation, feng shui, and so much more.
  • ​Module 7: FEMININE POWER - Unleash your sensuality, self-expression, & creativity. Balance feminine/masculine energy to source your feminine power and step into your destiny. Break-free from inner barriers and gain the power to meet your life partner or transform the relationship you are in, thrive financially, feel confident, fulfill your life's mission, surrender, and so much more.
  • ​Module 8: HIGHER SELF INTEGRATION - Integrate the fragmented parts of yourself and become whole. Turn on your higher senses to activate your intuition and other higher senses like clairvoyance and clairaudience. Path to self-actualization...attract your soul family, draw in your twin-flame, synchronicities and accelerated manifestations, unplug from the matrix system, DNA activation, clear karma, cut negative cords, blissful state of mind, soul-alignment with your mission on Earth, & unlock your healing powers.

Screenshot of Modules 1 & 2 Below:

What You Will Get:

You are going to get 8 full weeks of a soul emergence journey of a lifetime with me. You will be walked through the training step-by-step, where I will be holding your hand, guiding you to transformation. I am here to be your angel wings until you grow your own.

We don't bring in any other coaches for this - this is going to be myself coaching you personally.

Literally guiding you on what to do every single week - so you have clear focus and direction to quickly shift, even if you have never done a program like this before...

At the end of the day we need to heal & shift quickly as possible - which is why we're only looking for women ready NOW to follow through and take action today!

Let me explain the SECRET to creating MASSIVE shifts for my clients.

There are 3 MAIN ELEMENTS the Crystal Love Healing Academy enables our clients to get such incredible results so quickly...

The First Element Is...

  • You will have access to 8 training modules with follow along workbooks to support you on your soul's journey to emerging to your authentic self and activating your superpowers, your feminine energy, manifesting magic into your life, & discovering the power of crystals to fast-track your results.

I don't stop there because I understand the way to get the very best results is to work with me personally.

That's why the SECOND ELEMENT of what I do is so important.

The Second Element Is...

  • You will be invited to a 90 min. weekly group call with me (8 total). On that call you'll be personally speaking with me where I am going to be mentoring you every step of the way. I am obsessed with getting results and have a unique way of shifting clients fast. You will be speaking to me on a weekly basis so you're going to be moving forward quickly. Your results are very important to me and I want to make sure that when we are done working together you are ready to take on your life transformation.
  • Q + A session. After the live call - I will open it up for a Q + A session. This is where you can ask me AS MANY questions you want. And believe me, you will have questions :) This is why it's so important to have this. If you have video modules and no one to ask what something means or if you need more detail - you get stuck and quit. With me on the call weekly - you can ask me questions so you're never stuck of left wondering how to move forward.

The THIRD ELEMENT which really ties everything together and ensures you have ultimate support from all angles...

The Third Element Is...

  • You will have access to our PRIVATE Crystal Love Healing Academy Community where you can meet women just like you who are in the same position as you. It's a powerful sisterhood. Everyone can really learn from each other.


  • 8 POWERFUL Weekly Energy Activations to help you clear and dissolve your blocks and limitations, attract and draw in abundance, money, love, & freedom.
  • 5 EXCLUSIVE Interviews with experts on topics such as living fearlessly with Rhonda Britten, find your soul-mate and shine your light with Sarika Jain, love and connection you dreamed of with Katherine Woodward Thomas, breakthrough your sex blocks with Dr. Patti Britton, and Declare your own power with Jennifer Russell.

PLUS...I like to go above and

On top of these live weekly calls, training modules, private FB group, energy activations, and exclusive interviews - If you pay in a Crystal Love Healing Academy member you are going to receive:

A Crystal Reiki Healing Session

Crystal Reiki Healing Session aka R.A.A.H. Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing is a unique healing session that uses the power of crystals along with ancient and sacred alchemy symbols with energy work to create a deep connection to higher realms for a beautiful soul healing. You will receive a personalized crystal prescription with a set of sacredly blessed crystals exclusively for YOU. This is a remote healing session.CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

The Details...

The Crystal Love Healing Academy will begin on March 25th, 2020 and ends on May 13th, 2020. Each Live Session will be held on Wednesdays at 5pm PST/8pm EST. You will have a FULL YEAR access to the 8 training modules. 

When you enroll NOW you will get instant access to the first 2 modules, 2 energy activations, all 5 Bonus Interviews, and if you pay in full you can book your Crystal Reiki Healing Session (Limited Fast Action Bonus Offer).

The remaining 6 modules and energy activations will be released weekly starting on March 25th.

There will only be 20 women max in this small group container. If you can't make them live there will be a recording sent out so you won't miss a thing!

If you aren’t ready to connect with a sisterhood and unleash your power within - this isn’t for you. The container that I will be creating will be an incredibly powerful experience. Trust that you felt called to this page and The Crystal Love Healing Academy for a reason.

Here's a Summary of Everything You Will Receive:

  • 8 Training Modules
  • ​8 Live Group Coaching Calls plus Q&A (weekly)
  • ​8 Energy Activations
  • ​Bonus Interviews
  • ​Access to Private FB group
  • ​Fast-Action Bonus - pay in full today and receive your Crystal Reiki Healing Session PLUS $197.00 savings. 

This is not your typical "program". This is a step-by-step implementation journey.
I provide you with everything you need to become the best version of yourself to transform your life. When you complete the program you will be ready to draw in and attract your desires without the frustration...your light will be shining and your vibration will be on fire 🔥 

This Fast-Action Bonus Offer Will Expire SOON!

When You Add All The Value Up It's a Total of $5,555

(Ridiculously small compared to the life-changing blessing you will be receiving)

But because I'm super excited to welcome you into the awakened & empowered growing group of women creating their life they love the RIGHT way (and thus re-claiming their soul-led life), I'm giving you the opportunity to enroll in The Crystal Love Healing Academy TODAY at the special promo price of just…

Class Begins March 25th, 2020

ONLY 20 Spots TOTAL Available

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Your Life Is Now. Let's Get This Party Started!

What Jessica's Clients Are Saying:

"I had the most beautiful experience having an AURA session with Jessica. The first thing that impressed me was her ability to protect me, with love/light and angelic presence. She really takes her time to create this beautiful protection. The session itself was very interesting as I had been asking my guides how far back do I go? Having had several Past life regression sessions in the past, I always wondered about my first life as a human. It was interesting to find that my higher self answered by showing me a very old life (indigenous) where I lived in a cave. She guided me to another modern life and away we went to experience my higher self. I did ask for a particular healing and was greeted by Mother Marys consciousness to perform the healing. Her presence in my space was the most beautiful experience feeling her love and tenderness. Jessica is very loving and genuinely works hard to dig deep for answers. I would highly recommend a session with her which is life changing, truly. Jessica, from the bottom of my heart...Thank you" - Mayra
"I came to see JESSICA to get some help regarding some health issues that have been a huge obstacle in my life for over 10 years. I struggle with chronic pain due to a brain aneurysm and nerve damage in my arms, legs and back. I’ve had 17 surgeries and this experience has been difficult for me in many ways physically and emotionally.
I wanted to get some answers and advice through the AURA session to see what’s holding me back and how I can go forward with my healing in the best possible way. Wow did I get those answers and more!! The session was SO helpful in discovering where my blocks were and how I can make the changes needed to regain my health and happiness. I learned about the lessons I was to gain through some of my struggles and even got a glimpse into my future which was SUPER inspiring and exciting. I now have more feeling in my feet since my session and can’t wait to see what other improvements come about from my healing. I really feel that the session has been helpful in many ways and has really motivated me and has given me some much needed hope.
I would highly recommend this to anyone, you won’t regret it! JESSICA has a very caring and soothing way about her that makes you feel comfortable and in good hands. You can tell she’s passionate about what she does and has your best interest at heart." - Katie

"I came to Jessica to get an Aura reading - to get some insight into the next steps I should take with my business and how I can get better in all areas of my life. With Jessica's help I discovered where I should focus my attention, what is holding me back and what I can do to move forward. As a bonus I learned about my past lives, my son's next steps and how to help him move forward in his career. We also did a healing on my skin for a rash that I had been getting for the last couple of years and discovered what was causing the problem! Jessica is amazing, she fully explained everything, made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I cannot wait for my next session!!" - Elena

"My AURA session with Jessica was so amazing! Not only was I able to recieve healing for myself, but for my son as well! I live in South Carolina and she is in California and we were able to do everything online. I felt very safe through everything. Jessica has such a beautiful spirit and is she makes you feel very comfortable throughout the session. The connections you can make and information that comes through is so unbelievably amazing and real!!! I am so grateful to be have been able to share this experience with her!" Gina

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