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Are you interested in experiencing a deep soul healing through hypnosis regression?

Need to clear blockages to connect with your higher self and gain a better understanding of who you really are?

Want to learn more about self-healing and connecting with the higher realms?

Now You Can!

Presenting Jessica Brown's “Hypnosis Regression Experience: Your Opportunity To Heal With The Power Of Quantum Energies” - An Invigorating Encounter To Bring You Closer To The Angelic Realm, Your True Self, And Past-Life Healing!

In this revitalizing hypnosis regression, you will understand the power of quantum alchemy and angelic energies and how it can lead you to soul healing, spiritual transformation, and gift expansion while accessing valuable information about your own soul’s knowledge and wisdom.

By the end of this transformative hypnosis regression, you will be able to:
  • Learn How To Heal Yourself and Clear Away Past-Life Traumas and Blocks That are Preventing You From Becoming The Highest Version of Yourself
  • ​Understand How the Energy and Frequency of Quantum Healing Works and How This Modality Can Contribute To Your Spiritual Transformation and Healing
  • ​Receive Communication With Your Higher Self and The Archangels and Learn More About The Miraculous Spiritual World
  • ​Retrieve Wounded Aspects of Your Soul to Fully Integrate Your Physical Body With Your Higher Self. Opening The Doorway To Your New Earth Crystalline Body Formation.


  • Pre-Recorded video for you to watch or download onto your computer
  • Length: 1 hour 47 min.
  • Healing session instructions will be provided after purchase


What is Hypnosis Regression?

The hypnosis technique I use is called Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy, or AURA. 

It is a healing hypnosis technique/past-life regression that incorporates practices of Quantum Alchemy and Angelic Energies. Quantum Alchemy is an integration of ancient and sacred alchemy symbols with energy work. This unique process creates a deep connection to higher realms where we can connect with your spirit guides, your higher self, and the beautiful archangels to provide an incredible deep soul healing and gain the answers to help you with your journey here on Earth.

Our higher self, our soul and connection to God/Source/Creator is where we are able to find all the answers we are looking for to connect to this unlimited healing frequency and tap into the infinite abundance of love and light.

You will be connected to your higher self, your soul where she/he will speak. Sometimes there are blockages that prevent the connection. However, we are able to get assistance from the Archangels if this occurs. We have the ability to channel through Quantum healing energy, the infinite love light from your higher self to your human vessel for your highest soul healing.

BENEFITS: AURA clients have experienced healings from childhood traumas or emotional abuse, PTSD, illnesses, cancer, diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Epstein-Barr Virus, diseases, disorders, heal injuries/pain, toxic relationships, narcissistic abuse.

Clients have been able to expand their spiritual gifts, discover their life purpose, receive answers about their relationships, career, health, & financial future.

Our body tries to speak to us though signs of emotional stress, illnesses, imbalances & blockages...Examples being, cancer being unexpressed emotions turning into anger. Diabetes, lack of sweetness/love in your life. Arthritis, holding on to something/someone very tightly, not releasing. Throat Disorders, not speaking your truth, fear of speaking out.

Through AURA hypnosis you are able to get the answers and specific healing that can transform every area of your life!

WHAT TO EXPECT: Prior to going under hypnosis, you will receive 30 to 40 minutes of essential Angelic energy work. This energy work is done to assist in clearing negative energies and debris to aid in a deep soul connection. The combination of the Sacred Alchemy symbols & Angelic energy work, create a bridge for you to connect to your higher self.

In other hypnosis sessions, the full connection isn’t made until the middle of the session. Creating the Angelic energy work in the beginning allows your ego mind to not be as successful in interfering with your higher self-connection...allowing more detail and deeper healing to come forth during your session.

After the energy work, we begin the induction for hypnosis.
During your hypnosis, your higher self will take you through past-lives that are relevant for your soul's healing, or they may choose to start your body scan first.

LIST OF WHAT AT TIMES CAN BE HEALED- Illnesses, disease, vision, dental health, regrow teeth, age regress 10 yrs, blocked or misaligned chakras, issues with auric field, negative cords, negative implants, hooks, portals, removal of entities or Reptilian Consciousness, fragmented soul, contracts and trauma from current or past life, & DNA repair and activation.

Please ensure you are alone for the best results, for you to be completely relaxed to go in, for deep answers of your soul!

What is the difference between a private session and purchasing this pre-recorded session?

A private session is $444
Pre-recorded session is $33
The pre-recorded session is a similar style to a group hypnosis session vs one-on-one. You will be in a light trance. This will provide you a glimpse of what you may experience in a private session.  A private session is personalized and puts the client in a deeper state of trance that allows for more emotional, mental, or physical healing.

For legal purposes: Jessica is not a licensed physician, please see your Doctor for health concerns.

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